Thursday, October 25, 2007

aspiring photographer.

As a photographer, you learn many tricks along your journey to become great! What is a photograph? How does that differ from a picture? How do you get better? What makes up a great photograph? What are the rules of thirds? Should you develop your own film? What setting should you use? Is digital better than manual?

So many questions, with no more than a small bit of time to research. If you take pictures, you are not a photographer. Perhaps you are more like the paparazzi, snapping pics left and right. If you are a photographer, you surely cannot be a picture-taker, for you take much care with every open/close of the shutter.

I, myself, am the paparazzi. In recent months, i have regrouped with my old Pentax in hopes of becoming both the paparazzi and a photographer. There are only so many "photograph"s that one can get out of a paparazzi session. But, although rare, they do appear. Which is why i have been inspired and given myself the challenge for more photographs.

Peter Iredale near Gearhart, Oregon

Oregon beach

Konnor playing in the water(part of the ship wreck)

Konnor and Eddie watching each other

Konnor @ the beach

Oregon sunset. pic taken outside my house

Although all of these pictures are very special to me, the picture of konnor at the beach is nearest to my heart. What mother wouldn't choose their most precious
possession to be their child.

The fist 3 pictures shown were all taken with my pentax K1000 while spending a day at the beach earlier this summer. The first picture portrays a shipwreck, and the love for it
comes from the angle of which i took it and the amazing colors of rust contrasted
by the bright blue skies beyond.

Picture number 2 captures my eye b/cuz of the distorted mirror imaging and the fading of the corners w/o me having to do anything but snap the picture. It would be nice if there were no people in the background. i suppose i could be witty and say that it was me and someone else, but nah... no need 4 that. just need a little photoshop.

The angle and pure innocence in picture 3 is miraculous. if you look closely into where konnor's hand is, you see that it's water he's playing in. this is actually part of the shipwreck from picture #1. The ripples in the water add a nice offset effect, and the angle offset angle of the background makes konnor more center of attention. This would have been a much nicer picture had my shadow not been in the way. Again, in need of photoshop to remove the man in the background.

The fourth picture you see is Konnor and Eddie looking at each other. This picture was taken with my older pentax k1000 with a non-working light meter. Despite this malfunction, i managed a good photograph of my two boys. The lighting is absolutely enticing in this picture. It helps to draw you right to the focal point even though they are not centered in the photograph.

My favorite, Konnor at the beach. Taken with a Kodak easyshare digital camera, I entitled this one "children will reinvent your world for you." Mirror imaging is a huge factor in this photograph, as that is what its about. Theres Konnor, smack dab in the middle, but you can see his reflection on the wet sand. There is the sky and clouds, both with reflections. Directly in front, you see the ocean waves rolling and crashing. It's not like i need to give you much more of clarification as to why this picture is titled what it is.

Last, but certainly not least, is the sunset. Taken from the front door of my house, i captured this image with an old Nokia cell phone camera. Pretty amazing, right? I don't have much more to say about this one. The lower clouds absorbed the brilliant lighting much more and made a "cloud" effect. The trees in front of me are silhouetted to make a great foundation for this picture.

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